Summer 2019 with HMSNI

August 8th, 2019

Hello, my name is Jessica Wray, and I am a Business management University student. This summer I wanted to find a job that aided my learning, improve my skills and challenge myself. HSMNI aided me in developing all three of these components!

Management training

Anna and Richard have generously given me one on one training from day one, to make sure I am fully trained and competent in the daily running of the business. In university I have learnt a lot of management theory, but being given the room the grow and take on responsibility with HMSNI has taught me how to put theory into practice.

As a trainee property manager, I have learnt that there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. Simple tasks take a lot of planning, preparation is needed for each process, whether it’s uploading a property for rent, inspecting a property or simply replying to a client enquiry. This has taught me to time manage effectively, making sure tick of my daily job list each day.

My favourite Task

Whilst I like keeping myself busy in the office, I love to be out on the road. I am from a small village in Ballinderry and rarely venture outside of my local town. Being given the responsibility of Property Inspections has taken me across County Antrim and County Down, finding some great coffee shops on the way! I love interacting with new people and having a chit chat with new faces.

People hear the word inspection and sometimes hit the panic button, this shouldn’t be the case. HMSNI use inspections to make sure everything is running smoothly. It allows the tenant to report any issues they are having and reassures the landlord that their property is being kept in good condition. We carry out inspections to insure the smooth running of the homes under our care, basically how you would, but we do it for you!

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